Certifications I'm considering, as an experienced software engineer

By William Narmontas,

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In building more and more open source projects spanning the full project lifecycle, I am appreciating the importance of structured business requirement analysis, architecture, software testing and project management.

I am already more than an engineer, with experience in all of these things but as a secondary concern without any formal knowledge. But it's precisely the secondary skill-sets that need some formal backing, and not the primary ones - because there's already a mountain of evidence of my skill in the primary ones.

I want my secondary skills to enhance my primary skills, with formal and certified method. In some environments, such formal badges are a big plus. Why?

For example, the team that I work with in Singapore (a country where authority really matters) is made up of PhDs who appreciate both formal knowledge and experience. In Scala engineering I have a lot of experience so I've no problem arguing my case, whereas in my secondary skills I have less focused experience and no formal backing. In discussions, I myself am not sure whether I'm putting the right arguments. Authority is important, and when backed by both by formal method and experience, is very impactful.

Thanks to my coworkers I've learned to prepare for arguments and became better at answering the "Why?". This prepares me well for the future of developing excellent products for myself and others.


But why not take it all the way? Well, law of diminishing returns. From experience, when people get things wrong, most of the time it is at the basic level. Like instead of acceptance criteria or tests first, they start with writing the code. Basic level is more than enough in probably a good 90% of the cases.

Certifications I found

Here are some certifications I found that match the criteria.

Business Analysis

I found the following sites:

From this,

I also found:

Software testing

From this,


From this,


What I'll choose

Still thinking about this. I notice they're still quite niche, and are more like components of the bigger picture, which is delivering products to users. Perhaps I need to look at something closer to the user, to product ownership and product development.