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March 2018
GitHub Pull Request: clojure/clojurescript-site: 2018-03-26-clojurescript-command-line: Make the set up clearer
Stack Overflow answer: scalacheck: define a generator for an infinite stream with some dependence on previous elements
GitHub Pull Request: scala/scala-lang: Include a link to "Accessible Scala" proposal
October 2017
GitHub Pull Request: lampepfl/dotty: Fix wrong word usage. Replace 'constructors' with 'constructs'
GitHub Pull Request: scala-records/scala-records: Support current Scala 2.12
GitHub Pull Request: scala-records/scala-records: Fix README formatting error..
GitHub Issue: nrinaudo/kantan.csv: Going beyond 22 fields
GitHub Issue: sbt/sbt-native-packager: [Idea] JDK 9's jlink & sbt-native-packager?
September 2017
Disqus comment: Dealing with exceptions in Scala
August 2017
GitHub Issue: Zegnat/strapdown.php: Any way to include this via composer?
GitHub Issue: Inklings-io/selfauth: 'How it works' in README unclear
GitHub Issue: derogab/gabrielize: Requirements => use requirements.txt
June 2017
GitHub Pull Request: lampepfl/dotty: Fix misspelling: update intersection-types.md in docs
GitHub Pull Request: stillalex/scala-osgi-trials: Update README.md
GitHub Pull Request: scalameta/sbt-macro-example: Fix broken link to macro annotations in tutorial
GitHub Pull Request: scalameta/sbt-semantic-example: Update README
GitHub Issue: nidi3/graphviz-java: JDK8 engine not supported?
GitHub Issue: pauldijou/jwt-scala: request.jwtSession should be an Option?
May 2017
Quora answer: What IDE can I comfortably use Python on Mac?
Disqus comment: Implementing a Custom Akka Streams Graph Stage - I show how to do it without Graph Stage
dev.to: Web standards for content syndication
Quora: What are advantages of Scala over Kotlin?
Medium: Why Scala didn't miss the Android opportunity
GitHub Issue: travis-ci: Scala build broken: /usr/local/bin/sbt: Permission denied
Disqus comment: TechBeacon — 13 programming languages defining the future of coding
GitHub Pull Request: Eventsource 50x support
Medium: How I deal with greenfield technical debt
Disqus comment: Buffer — Transparency in Engineering: Can We Open Source Our Whole Code Base?
dev.to: Unit testing is simple.
April 2017
dev.to: Certifications I'm considering, as an experienced software engineer
dev.to: 2017 freelance development platforms
GitHub Pull Request: Empty body result failing testcase
GitHub issue: Play Framework bug report: ServerResultException when sending an empty file due to akka-http body size requirement.
March 2017
LinkedIn: Walk, don't sprint. Breathe, don't burn out.
Google Groups: Answer to: "Play Framework › Good for API gateway?"
GitHub issue: Play Framework: 2.6.0-M2 http request times out after 20 seconds, returns response when it should continue waiting
GitHub issue: SBT: [0.13.14-RC1] Initialization exception on OpenJDK 9 (Docker)
February 2017
Quora: "Which programming language should I use for my startup?"
Stack Overflow: Answer to: "Create and fill a JsArray with play-json transformer"
Google Groups: Technical Feedback to Play Framework 2.6.0-M1 milestone release
January 2017
GitHub Issue Comment: Passing PlayKeys.devSettings
Medium: Java 8 Nashorn CLI use case: prepending ISO instant to CSV from UNIX timestamp
December 2016
GitHub issue: Typesafe Config: NullPointerException in ConfigBeanImpl.isOptionalProperty when using ConfigBeanFactory.create
Medium: Limit degrees of freedom in what you do
November 2016
Slideshare: Git Watch
GitHub issue: kantan.csv: Support Scala 2.12.0.
GitHub issue: kantan.csv: Support for cats 0.8.0.
October 2016
GitHub Pull Request to sbt/sbt-git: Add headCommitMessage so we can get the commit message & do stuff bas...
Stack Overflow: Asset mapping outside public folder on Play framework
Quora: What are the advantages and disadvantages of play framework?
September 2016
Medium/Hacker Noon: Feature Switches, Inheritance and Agile with Scala & JMX on the JVM
Stack Overflow: Transform Json with circe
Stack Overflow: How to convert two columns from a data frame to Map(col1, col2) in scala?
Slideshare: XML Processing in Scala (XML London 2014)
Slideshare: An Introduction to Scala (2014)
GitHub Issue: Feature request to swave.io: predefined "PushSpout"
August 2016
Blog comment: How I deploy my Hugo site to my webserver
July 2016
YouTube: IntelliJ 2016, Scala 2.11, ScalaTest & SBT: Quick Tutorial
Quora: How can I publish my own dataset for easy querying for free?
May 2016
Blog comment: Hands on function composition with monad transformers
Quora: What are the benefits of Java(8) over scala?
Quora: In order to become a Scala developer, what kind of Scala code do I need to show in my github to potential employers?
April 2016
Quora: What are the main tools to do software engineering with Scala? Request
November 2015
GitHub issue: BodyParser.validate Left-value does not lead to HttpErrorHandler.onClientError call
GitHub issue: Play 2.4 + tests not working
May 2015
GitHub issue: \r\n not handled nicely
GitHub pull request: Fix test failure on Windows (due to git newline conversions)
February 2015
GitHub issue: html:parse missing spaces around tags
January 2015
GitHub issue: REST + contexts: fine in 7.9, but in 8.0, "400 Bad Request: Multiple context values specified."
Quora: Which language should I use for high Web and Websocket Traffic?
July 2014
Blog comment: Elixir Tasks vs Scala Futures
May 2014
Stack Overflow: How to store Scala XML Pattern in a variable?
April 2014
Stack Overflow: Dead-letter in Akka Scala actors
December 2013
Stack Overflow: XPath token syntax in Kettle 5.0.1
November 2013
Stack Overflow: XPath doesn't return results from document
Stack Overflow: jquery add a row after the first row
October 2013
Stack Overflow: XSLT Transform content of elements without children to attributes
Stack Overflow: How to appens nodes using XPATH
Stack Overflow: How do I make my scala/akka/spray webservice respond with xml or json, depending on the ACCEPT headers
Stack Overflow: Class.forName(“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”).newInstance()
Stack Overflow: Add an attribute to an element in an existing XML using Xquery
Stack Overflow: Zorba collections: a simple directory of xml files
Stack Overflow: How can I get what is in [b7]? Please help me get right Xpath [duplicate]

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