What is Scala?

4 November 2017

Work in progress

If you're technical, head straight to the Scala website.

But if you think you're not technical, stay here.

Explanation 1


At some point, you will have worked on Excel spreadsheets: summing up a bunch of numbers. This means you have already done some programming. But when you wanted to do something more complex, it was not as easy. This is because Excel is one of the most popular, yet restricted, programming languages. Because it is restricted, it is easy to learn, but doing more complex tasks is also much harder.

Let's make a bold statement.Did you


This article is intended for a non-technical reader who just came across my website and wants to know what this is all about.

There are plenty of articles out there for technical readers, but all you want is an executive summary.

Scala is a programming language

All computer code is written in different programming languages. They typically describe what you want the computer to do.

Microsoft Excel has a programming language

Excel is a programming

Programming languages

There are a mul

We'll assume you are not particularly technical. I'm writing this because the only material explaining what Scala is targeted to programmers.

We'll also assume that you know that "computer programs are made from code".


Scala is a programming language. It's the