William Narmontas

I am William and I specialise in the Scala programming language and test-driven development

Love team spirit and focus, achieved with adaptability and test-driven development practices. Work mostly with Scala, JavaScript and Python.

I have published Scala Algorithms with various explanations and examples.

Examples why you may want to contact me

  • You are building a web platform, something like Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, that connect users together.
  • You want real-time or offline "big data" stream analysis, and present the results on a dashboard so that you can act on new information quickly, whether it's stock prices or e-mail streams.
  • You are building a mobile app or a desktop app (Apple iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Fitbit), whether standalone or as part of a platform.
  • You are building a transactional website with things like PayPal, Amazon, PSD2, GDPR, Stripe and other integrations as well as automated report generation.
  • You are developing a stock trading platform, where your users can trade in real time
  • You want all aspects of your software to be strategically thought out and planned for, such as back-ups, maintenance, longevity, strategic suitability.

How do I get all this done? I love efficiency, have experience in many industries, and most importantly, have a network who work with me to get all these things done.

Contact me: hello@scalawilliam.com

Technology Experience & Methodology

I am very big on Documentation, Interface development and Test-Driven Development.

Worked on many projects for Big Data, Fast Data, performance optimisation, real-time, finance, trading, asset management, front-end development, in full software development lifecycle, using tools like GitHub, Linux, AWS, EC2, GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins, JVM, http4s, fs2, Akka, Spark, Agile, TDD, XP, Java, cats, AWS, IoT, React, Angular, .NET, F#, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Bash, Python, Pandas, R, PySpark, JavaScript, HTML5, TypeScript, SwiftUI, UX, UI, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Ubuntu.

Open Source

Here are some of my open source contributions.

  • The GraalVM native-image plug-in for SBT: github.com/sbt/sbt-native-packager/pull/1165
  • github.com/ScalaWilliam/xs4s, an XML Streaming for Scala library for multi-GB files, with an FS2 layer.
  • Scala: I've contributed to scala/dotty, scala/scala, playframework/playframework, sbt/sbt-git, hseeberger/akka-sse and others
  • JavaScript/ClojureScript/Scala.js: I've contributed to EventSource/eventsource, clojure/clojurescript-site, scala-js/scala-js-website



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