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William Narmontas - Software Architect
Capturing Packets with Scala Native and libpcap
Scala for 2017 talk
Scala JSON
Tournament Tree for Scala (also good for Haskell)
Feature Switches, Inheritance and Agile with Scala & JMX on the JVM
Essential SBT (build tool for Scala)
William Narmontas - Software Architect
Certifications I'm considering, as an experienced software engineer
2017 freelance development platforms
The most important Streaming abstraction
Limit degrees of freedom in development
Unit testing is simple
Java 8 Nashorn CLI use case: adding ISO 8601 instant to CSV with UNIX timestamp
William Narmontas - Software Architect
Public Social Content
William Narmontas - Software Architect
Quick Scala Tutorial
How I deal with greenfield technical debt
Why Scala didn't miss the Android opportunity
What are advantages of Scala over Kotlin?
Scala Nashorn Interaction
William Narmontas - Software Architect

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